Warranty – AADCO provides a standard replacement warranty on all parts. Extended 6 and 12 month warranties are available.

Competitive Pricing – Prices of recycled parts are a fraction of the cost of new Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts and new aftermarket parts.

Make Only One Call to Secure Parts – By contacting our centralized customer service department, we can quickly locate, price and assess the quality of your part required. Our Hollander Inventory management system allows AADCO to provide sales and quote reports unlike other automotive recyclers. If we do not have the part on site, AADCO has 45 exchange partners where we can access needed inventory for quick fulfillment.

Extensive Inventory Indoors – Our 87,000 square foot facility houses an extensive inventory of quality recycled parts, including late model parts. The indoor storage of our vehicles and parts completely eliminates any damage by the elements, from the time that AADCO receives the vehicle until it is in our customer’s possession.

Environmentally Friendly – Vehicles are ‘greened’ before being dismantled. Initially all fluids are drained, then utilizing state of the art equipment each vehicle is systematically stripped of plastics, rubber, glass, and all reusable parts.