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NV Euro Motor Works- 2008 Silver BMW 5 Series 528XI X-Drive

NV Euro Motor Works is the number one stop in Toronto and the GTA for tuning and performance upgrades on your BMW. Our highly experienced and friendly mechanics at NV Euro Motor Works are there to ensure your BMW is preforming at its highest level.

Located in Toronto and the GTA, NV Euro Motor Works operates with the highest trained technicians in the city. With over 35-years of combined experience, we’ll ensure your BMW is preforming at its maximum level.

We use only the most exclusive diagnostic software and equipment to analyze and service your vehicle. It’s guaranteed that you’ll notice significant gains in your BMW’s horsepower, torque and miles per gallon once you leave our Toronto-based facility.

Our staff always takes the time to answer your questions and is more than wiling to make recommendations for all of your tuning and performance needs along the way.

At NV Euro Motor Works, we’ll maintain detailed computerized records of all your maintenance and repairs, as well as provide you with a Service Passport to ensure the long-term performance of your BMW.

It’s no wonder why more people in the GTA are turning to NV Euro Motor Works as their first choice for tuning and performance upgrades.

We pride ourselves at NV Euro Motor Works in creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. Come into one of our two facilities and talk to our friendly mechanics to have your BMW roaring through the streets of Toronto like never before.

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Model Engine Body Stock
135 / 335 /535  N54 E82//E88/E9X 300 /300 374 / 415
135 /335 / 535  N55 E82/E88 /E9X 302 / 295 362 / 372
1M  61HP / 63TQ
335D / X5 DIESEL  40HP / 70TQ
550I / 550I GT   N63 (4.4L TURBO)
550I N/A  E60 27HP / 32TQ
ALPINA B7  65HP / 105 TQ
E46 (NON M)  E46 27HP / 32TQ
E9X (NON M) (NON TURBO)  E9X 32 / 22
M3  E46 333 /262 351 / 274
M3  S65 E9X 414 / 295 451 / 317
M5  E39 394 / 368 405 / 379
M5  E60 25HP / 21TQ
M5  F10 55HP /
X1 2.0T  40HP / 60TQ
X5 3.0L 
X5 4.4L / X5 4.6L (N/A)  E70 315 / 324 332 / 343
X5 4.8L 
X5M / X6M  E71 547 / 502 607 / 568
X6 4.4 TWIN TURBO  40HP / 50TQ