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What is service A,A1,A2,B,B1,B2,C,D,E,E1,E2,E3,F,G,H, or + service for Mercedes Benz and how to determine what your vehicle need to keep up with manufacture recommended service .

The services due are determined by the car based on mileage and time. A-H is a time indicator for how long the service on your car will take to perform (A=1hour) (B=2 hours, max H=8 hours) Service indication of the letters, sometimes there is a following with “+” which means you are due for an inspection of your brake systems.

With this system that Mercedes Benz has implemented into their vehicles there are 20 possible service codes, which can be confusing to the average driver. Usually on later model vehicles you can see what service is due. By going into your service menu from your multifunction display. Services are different from model to model and year, so for a more detailed you’ll have to make call Mercedes Benz Vehicle Information Program.

For Notes here are the common service items:

* Oil Change W/ Filter; 15k or once a year. This changes with driving habits, Nv Euro Motor Works recommends every 10-12k.

* Cabin/Pollen Filter; 25k or 2 years.

* Air Filter; Replaced/Cleaned every other Service or 40k

* Car Inspection; Once a year, required

* Brake Flush; Every 40k Recommended

* Spark Plugs; Depended on vehicle model, recommends 70k or 5 years. Diesel requires a more frequent interval of 25k

* Transmission Flush; Recommended every 40k with Filter replacement.

* Fuel Filter; Replace at every 75k or 5 years.

Common Service Codes and Jobs:

* Service A #1; 1year or 15k in addition with wiper blades.

* Service A #2; 3years or 40k in addition with wiper blades and transmission fluid flush. 4-matic vehicles maybe required transfer case flush.

* Service B #1; 2years or 25k with addition of brake fluid flush.

* Service B #2; 4years or 50k with addition of brake fluid flush and air filter elements.

* Service E #1(E-Class); at 50k, Service B with replacement of Diesel Fuel Filter.

* Service E #2(E-Class); at 60k, Service A with replacement of Fuel Filter and Spark Plugs.

* Service E #3(E-Class); at 70k, Service B with replacement of Diesel Fuel Filter.

At NV Euro Motor Works we have a mandatory vehicle inspection before any vehicle is release to the customer. Making sure every vehicle leaving NV Euro Motor Works is at the operating safely and customer has the knowledge of what their vehicle require.