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Press Release

_MG_0035June 13, 2015 (Saturday)


NV Euro Motor Works (“NV”) is a trade name used by the existing operations located at 4600 Highway 7 East, Markham and 17075 Leslie St., Unit 34, Newmarket. As part of the NV Group Ltd.’s (“NV Group”) expansion plan, NV Group is setting up its third operation, a fully-owned subsidiary in Brampton, Ontario (“NV Brampton”), a growing community north of Mississauga. Leveraged on its successful operation in Markham, NV will continue its focus on offering an alternative to the dealers’ service for European cars such as Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, BMW , Audi ,Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Volkswagen and other high end Japanese cars such as Lexus and Infinity. NV specializes in electrical /electronic diagnostic, repairs and preventative maintenance. With seven years at its current operation in Markham, it has learned a lot about customer requirements and the local services provided by its competitors. Based on this experience, NV is going to align itself to the servicing and maintaining of mostly European and mid-to-high end vehicles.

NV Group considers Brampton a growing market for auto repair business due to the growth of the community in the last 15 years. Many new immigrants have moved to Brampton and north. Some major auto dealerships have plans to set up their operations in this City, including Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz which is already building a new dealership in Mansfield, 10 minutes north of the NV-Brampton’s location. This is a perfect situation for NV as it always sees it as an advantage to be closer to these dealerships in offering more competitive pricing without compromising the quality and standard of its service.

Service Philosophy

The auto repair market has a lot of competition. NV has noticed that today’s vehicles have all the gadgets to execute almost any given task. However, there are not enough trained technicians to properly diagnosis and repair these vehicles. In many cases, they unnecessarily replace instead of repair the problem parts which cost the customer thousands of dollars on additional cost. NV will continue to differentiate itself by not only offering a hassle-free repair service, but a fair price with full diagnostic reports which provide the customers with a proposed action plan for maintaining their vehicles.

From the first date of service since 2008, NV has kept an on-line service history of the customer’s vehicles which will track the service history as well as provide advance reminders for service and maintenance. This profile record not only provides a service history for the customers but also enhances the efficiency and value of the vehicle. Customers will be reminded of their next service by e-mails or mailings.

NV has attracted and maintained a loyal customer base of over 3,500 through its customer-oriented focus on business. All employees are trained and held responsible for providing superior service, developing a long lasting trust bond with customers. This is very important, especially in the auto repair industry where trust and honesty are not the image of a lot of repair facilities.


The Management Team

NV Group is led by Nimchand (“Nim”) Seegobin who has over 30 years of experience in the auto repair industry. Nim is a certified master technician and has been factory trained for many premium brand vehicles including Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz , BMW ,Volvo and has years of experience servicing and maintaining other makes and models. Together with a strong management and technical team in each location, NV will allow them to execute on this exciting service philosophy. The incredible breadth of skill sets and knowledge that the technical team possesses have allowed NV to accomplish their lofty goals and objectives.

NV Group’s mission is to become a premier independent service center for Range Rover (Land Rover), Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Volvo, and other premium makes and models. Think of itself as a “dealership alternative”, with warm and friendly service and without the long waiting periods or inflated pricing,  NV will make its customers its number one priority.

Because customer’s time is valuable, NV’s parts department will maintain a quick service parts inventory in order to serve its customer better.  The purchasing power that NV has developed over the last 3 years enables it to be very competitive.

NV’s staff are highly skilled and experienced. Its Certified technicians will receive regular, on-going training with access to the latest technical information from the manufacturers whose makes it services.  It will keep up with the latest service computer technology, service updates and factory tooling.  This extensive in house knowledge forms the basis of its service centers and allows it to accommodate every aspect from routine service, tune-ups, preventative maintenance and performance upgrades to complete overhauls and track preparation.


Website: www.nveuromotor.com

e-mail: service@nveuromotor.com


Brampton Shop: 905-874-8881

Markham Shop: 905-604-3950

Newmarket Shop: 905-235-6000




NV品牌在万锦及新市经营多年,现拓展其第三分店至社区不断增长的宾顿市。 建基于万锦的成功,NV将会延续其为欧洲及日本名车提供的另类优质服务。NV转业在电子检测、修理及预防性维修。在万锦7年中,NV熟悉顾客真正需求及竞争对手的手法,不断优化其为欧日明车提供的服务。







NV团队由Nimchand (“Nim”) Seegobin领导,NIm在汽车维修行业中有超过30年的工作经验。Nim是有牌维修大师,曾接受品牌汽车包括Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz , BMW ,Volvo等在厂培训,维修知识及经验毋庸置疑。加上每个分店的有效管理及技术团队,NV可以忠实执行其充满激情的服务理念。技术团队拥有的深度技能及知识,使到在NV有能力达到其目标。


NV 目标是成为名牌汽车及型号的一所独立的优质维修中心。热情友善的另类服务商,提供快捷但物有所值的服务。NV要成为客户的第一选择。