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Range Rover

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Has your Range Rover been feeling a little sluggish lately? Do you think it’s not reaching its fullest potential? If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these two questions, than it might be time to bring your luxury European vehicle into NV Euro Motor Works for a tuning and performance upgrade.


Located in Toronto and the GTA, NV Euro Motor Works operates with the highest trained technicians in the city. With over 35-years of combined experience, we’ll ensure your Range Rover is preforming at its maximum level.

We use only the most exclusive diagnostic software and equipment to analyze and service your vehicle. It’s guaranteed that you’ll notice significant gains in your Range Rover’s horsepower, torque and miles per gallon once you leave our Toronto-based facility.

Our staff always takes the time to answer your questions and is more than wiling to make recommendations for all of your tuning and performance needs along the way.

At NV Euro Motor Works, we’ll maintain detailed computerized records of all your maintenance and repairs, as well as provide you with a Service Passport to ensure the long-term performance of your Range Rover.

It’s no wonder why more people in the GTA are turning to NV Euro Motor Works as their first choice for tuning and performance upgrades.

We pride ourselves at NV Euro Motor Works in creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. Come into one of our two facilities and talk to our friendly mechanics to have your Range Rover roaring through the streets of Toronto like never before.

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Model Engine Body Stock
RANGE ROVER 4.2  375 / 375 414 / 396
RANGE ROVER 4.2 S/C  400 / 420 447 / 463
RANGE ROVER 4.4 HSE  283 / 325 308 / 357
RANGE ROVER 5.0 DIRECT INJECTION  375 / 375 414 / 407
RANGE ROVER 5.0 DIRECT INJECTION S/C  510 / 461 573 / 493